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January 2013

Video: In the garden…Rain, rain, rain

“In the garden…” is a series for A Gardener’s Notebook highlighting what is happening in my garden, my friend’s gardens and California gardens throughout the seasons. Today,it’s raining, it’s pouring…thank goodness! We need to bank as much rain as we possibly can during these month to last us over the long dry Summer. Watch all the past “In […]

Garden Alphabet: Iris

  Photo: Douglas E. Welch More information on Iris: Iris from Wikipedia.org How to grow and care for iris from SchreinersGardens.com How to Grow, Maintain, and Divide Bearded Iris from BHG.com How to Plant and Grow Bearded Iris from The American Iris Society Books from Amazon.com     Previously in Garden Alphabet: Bougainvillea Brugmansia Ecualyptus Kniphofia “Red […]

Garden Vocabulary: Cotyledon (Seed Leaf)

This Garden Vocabulary series seeks to introduce and explain to you — and in many cases, myself — words and terms associated with gardening. Please let me know if  there are any terms you would like me to explore. You can leave your ideas in the comments section and we can learn together! Cotyledon A cotyledon (pron.: […]

Interesting Plant: Dianthus Barbathus “Green Ball” or “Green Trick”

Mentioned by @NatraCourtney during this week’s #gardenchat (1/14/2013) Download Transcript of this chat Dianthus Barbathus “Green Ball” or “Green Trick”  More information on Dianthus: Dianthus from Wikipedia Dianthus Barbathus from Sierra Flower Finder Green Ball Dianthus from BallHort.com  Previously in the Interesting Plant series:  Coleus “Religious Radish” Black Forest Calla Lily Black Bamboo Read more on this topic: Interesting […]

Video: Container Garden Update 012 – A new pot of lettuce

A new pot of lettuce is added to the container garden. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Vegetable Garden Update 012” on YouTube Watch the “Container Vegetable Garden” Playlist for all related videos Please like this video and/or subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Your LIKES directly effect how many others will see this […]

Garden Inventory: Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus)

Garden Inventory is a series where I begin an inventory of all the plants and trees in my garden. Along with some of my own pictures, I will link to various sources of information about each plant and tree so we can learn a little more together. I would also like to highlight your special plants […]

Books on Hold: The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life by Margaret Roach

Books on Hold is a blog series dedicated to books I have seen in passing and requested from my local library. See more in the series at the end of this blog post. — Douglas Here is another book for the gardening side of me. I came across this book in my Pinterest feed from user […]

Garden Alphabet: Succulents

  More information on Succulents: Succulent from Wikipedia.org ‘Succulent Container Gardens’: some design guidance for low-water landscapes in miniature from the Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society Books from Amazon.com   Search for books on succulents from the Los Angeles Public Library Previously in Garden Alphabet: Bougainvillea Brugmansia Ecualyptus Kniphofia “Red Hot […]

Horticulture/Garden Jobs Available – Search by location and keyword

Check out our list of horticulture jobs (and others) available via SimplyHired.com. Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords. Read more on this topic: Horticulture/Garden Jobs Available – Search by location and keyword Horticulture Jobs Available – Search by location and keyword Horticulture Jobs Available – Search […]

Audio: Douglas is Interviewed for The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast

An Interview with Joey and Holly Baird of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener podcast. Here is my interview (from a longer episode) of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener podcast. The entire show is 90 minutes, so I excerpted my 30 minute interview to share with you. We talk about my gardening origins, the oddities of gardening in Los […]