Remember that hug pile of mulch we had dropped off last weekend?

The Mulch Pile


Mulch Project Finished

All the paths in both the front and back gardens, as well as the side of our driveway are now covered with a good level of mulch that should last for at least 2 seasons. We need to take a bit more off that stack on the side of the driveway there, but that is more a case of raking into the rest of the area than actually carting it around.

It actually took less time that I thought it might. The backyard took the longest due to the need to move the mulch farther using the wheelbarrow. The front yard took a fraction of the time as it was simply closer to the mulch pile. It was also a smaller area to cover.

Would I do this again? Probably, although I think I would hire a couple of guys to help us move around the mulch and spend more time supervising myself. It was a big job, but good to know that between myself, my wife and my son, we were able to get it done in a relatively short time. Total actually work time over 2 weekends was probably about 6 hours.

Mulch animated