Photo: Oh to be so organized in my garden shed

I came across this picture on Pinterest the other day. For the record, this looks NOTHING like my garage where my garden tools are stored. I only WISH it did. Still, I guess it is something to strive for. It is certainly true the being organized can help you get things done in less time with less fuss. It takes time itself, though, so many of us ignore that part in favor of being out with the plants.


Source: via Douglas on Pinterest


This photo, and some others that can be found after the link, are from Fine Gardening and Associate Editor, Michelle Gervai. She says, “A few weeks ago I took advantage of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program and got to visit Linda Allard’s gorgeous garden in Washington, Connecticut.”

One Response to “Photo: Oh to be so organized in my garden shed”

  1. Sam says:

    I bought myself a potting shed last week –×6-pure-sheds-premium-pressure-treated-wooden-shed I still haven’t had a chance to put it up due to all the rain we’ve been having but I will definitely be taking this idea – great use of space! Although i’m not sure I would be able to keep it this organised for very long!