…and the wind does blow, originally uploaded by dewelch.

No wind today. It was a gorgeous day with white puffy clouds and blue skies. Instead of gardening, though, we went to the local archery range and park for a little practice with our local SCA group. We concentrated mainly on throwing knives and axes, a very good way to get out any tension and stress that might have built up over the previous week. (SMILE)

Actually, there was a little gardening today. Joseph took the line trimmer to some of the grass that has exploded in the front garden. We have had a good year for rain, so far, and while the roses have exploded in growth so has the grass and weeds. I will let things dry out for one more day, then pull some weeds, as the slightly damp soil should make it easier.

The windmill in the picture was a gift from my wife several years ago. I grew up in a small town in Ohio where windmills were very common, so she thought is would be a pleasant addition to the garden. It has been, too. (You can see a short video of the windmill in motion in this video) I love sitting out there and watching it turn in the wind, adjusting to the changing direction.